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Hello my name is Pastor Juanita a.k.a Pastor J. I'm the lead Pastor of CTK. I love what I do for God and his people. There is nothing on the face of the earth I'd rather be doing!

Lead Pastor

Pastor Juanita


What's up people! I'm Pastor Russ. I love God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Eagles. If you love all of the above you're okay with me.

Executive Pastor

Pastor Russell


Hello Everybody I love the word of God and I try hard to preach with conviction and authority. My passion is to help people understand and walk with God in a more sincere and real way. 

Evangelism Pastor

Pastor Tanya


Hey there ya'll I head of the youth of our church. I'll do my best at helping your youth to understand God and their destiny and purpose in life.

Youth Pastor

Pastor Jaylon


Hello I'm Pastor Souraya. I love, love, love empowering women. It is my call in life. I will do everything I can to help the women of our church and community.

Pastor of Women's Ministries

Pastor Souraya


The assimilation process is one of the most important parts of church growth. My goal is to help our new members get comfortable at our church as well as to get them busy playing an active role in the ministry.

Pastor of Assimilation

Pastor Ricca