Christ the King
Christian Fellowship 

4085 N. Rancho Drive Suite 110

Las Vegas, NV 89130


Coming from a world with many trials, tests and tribulations, Souraya entered into church only set on learning forgiveness of self and others. She desired to do, be and see something more...something different. She desired God. After about a year or so, she was awakened to a voice telling her to contact her then Pastor to inform him that she needed to begin training as a minister of the Gospel. She battled this calling, but ultimately stopped fighting. She became a licensed minister, after intensive training, on September 13, 2015. From there, she served in many roles such as directing the New Members and Creative Writing ministries, teaching Bible studies and preaching the word of God. She also began to lead some minister's training sessions, officiate weddings and funerals, and conduct baptisms. In 2017 she was asked to help open a new church by a preacher who had been watching her work ethic. She agreed and began serving as their Church Administrator. She also got ordained as a Pastor in August of 2017, under that leadership, and began serving as the Women's Pastor. In that role, she helped pour into the lives of women by hosting bi-weekly Bible studies and monthly workshops entitled, "Healed and Whole". She also purposed her heart on fellowship, and began incorporating monthly Ladies Outings so that the ladies could deepen their relationships outside of the church building. She also uses her women's ministry platform, L.I.L.A.C, to minister to women through workshops, conferences and other community events. Her heart is for women, and helping them to be the very best versions of themselves despite any obstacle.



With an unimaginable love of life,


Souraya Christine